"Noodles made it home just fine.  
What a good little traveler he is!!  
He slept on the pillow on Roger's lap
but he didn't miss a sound.  Whata
sharp little guy!     Needless to say,
he was pooped when we got home &
settled.  He has done all his
business outside & he slept all
night!!      You are right - he is a
cuddlier & a sweetie!!     He is
playful & exploring everything this
a.m.!     Thank you for the blanket &
toy.  I put the blanket on a pillow
when we got home with his toy & he
would run & get on the it when he
wasn't sureabout something or as
security!  That was thoughtful of
you!!     We have been to the Vet &
he said he was in good shape & had
good care!  He was a hit at the
vet!!     Will work on pics this
week-end.     Thank you so much for
(formerly Noodles)
"Moose has gained a pound & is at 4.7 &
doing great.
He is almost a 100% wee wee pad
trained. We take him a couple of times a
day to an enclosed fenced area so he can
run & we walk.
Moose can also speak for a treat. He is
very smart.
Moose is also a great little guard dog.
Moose almost didn't let my daughter
come into the house on her first visit to
see him but that soon changed & they
are best friends.
The groomer said he had a nice coat &
he did very good on his 2nd visit to the
groomer & got a toy.
Everyone likes Moose!!
Will send more as he grows & changes.
Thanks again - he has made our home
happy again!!"
"Me and Scarlette are doing great
she just loves the family. She is
really attached to me. She eats well,
she still not 100% potty trained but
hopefully she'll get better. The vet
said that she's doing great. She still
weighs 2 lbs. Her eating habits is
good. Whenever she's done playing
with the kids she'll go straight to
eat her food. She is a playful puppy
towards everyone. She's learning so
many things. She is such a smart
puppy.  When we go to sleep she still
cries a little bit for a short period
of time. But i have her sleep with us
in the room so she wont feel like
she's alone.  I had a great first
week with her. We just love having
her because she makes our home a
happy home. Thanks again Pat."
"We couldn't be happier with our
puppy! She is doing fantastic and
is sleeping through the night!
When we crated her she
whimpered for all of about 90
seconds and that was it for the
night! Very amazing I think! She
is pottying well outside. She is
such a snuggler and prefers to
sit in our lap most of the time,
which is just fine with us! :) She
loves her little snuggle bed and
seems to feel secure in her
crate for night time. I'm sure
glad that you sent the toys and
her blanket, these things are
helping her feel more secure in
such different surroundings,
especially without her real
momma and other puppy friends.
When I picked up my daughter
from school a man and his son
approached us and wanted to pet
her, which was just fine. They
thought she was a cutie. SHE
IS!! :) We've taken her with us
everywhere we've gone so far,
and she really likes that. She
travels very well!"
With new big sister Lexi
"Gracie is perfect!  Using her potty pad to pee, but
doesn't like to do anything else on it. Sleeps
perfectly through the night and we are impressed
at how mellow she is. She really is perfect and
unbelievable how she will run to the pee pad when
she has to go. Loved the picture of her you included
in the packet. Quite the breeding operation you
have, Pat, and we are already trying to sell puppies
to others that you don't even have yet. Very happy
I found your website! Groomer was very impressed
with her personality and demeanor so I shared
where we got her and your breeding
operation.Groomer was happy to know there was a
quality breeder close by for when her customers
"Trinket is doing wonderful. I seriously
have not had such an easy puppy. She is
so relaxed and happy. She goes outside,
in fact loves it outside. She has pottied
outside a couple times, she is getting
the idea. I have a bell hanging at the
back door which opens into her fenced in
area, and she pokes at it with her nose
and looks at the door.
Ya know Pat she is a very smart little
dog. She has amazed me a few times.
She sits on command and potties on her
piddle pad when I ask her too???????
You make good puppies, :-)
She loves to play and tease. She loves
to cuddle. We just love her so much .
My vet told me that she is very
confident, and well adjusted for such a
young one.

Thank you again for your kindness and
caring for our girl."
"Rex is doing fabulous! He was in for his puppy check and he is
healthy and happy! The girls squealed with excitement when they
set eyes on him and haven't stopped yet. He is a wonderful addition
to our family and we love him so much! The funniest thing Rex has
done so far is to find his own face in the glass reflection on our
television stand. The first time he saw his face he howled as if
someone sat on him, now it is daily entertainment to bark at
himself and keep that bad boy at bay!!! He is a trip! Thanks for
getting him ready for us!"
"I would like to give you an update
on Sophie. She is doing AWESOME!
Our neighbors stopped by to meet
her and they could not believe how
fast she blended into our family.
She acts like she has lived with us
for months! Landon and Ashton love
her and she loves to chase them
aroung the house. Lenny is pretty
protective over her and he has
taught her to bark when people
come into the house. That is
actually the only time she barks.  :)
Her personality is a spitting image
of Bailey when she was a puppy and my mom hogs her much of the day.
My brother was holding her today and he didn't want to put her down.
We put her kennel up but she never wants to be in it so she has been
sleeping in my bed at night. (Lenny thinks he needs to sleep in my bed
also now) She is spoiled already but a dogs life shouldn't be any other
way. She is perfect and loved by everyone. I can tell she is very
comfortable and has claimed her area of the house."
"Hi Pat! Conan is doing GREAT!!!! Our
kids adore him and hardly put him
down. We tell them that he's
going to forget that he has four legs to walk on...
Our Vet said he is a very well socialized dog already and that we
definitely had a good Yorkie. They all thought he was just the cutest
"Things are going great with
Chewie!!! We absolutely
adore him and he has really
become a member of the
family. He comes with us to
the studio and everyone
loves him there! He
especially loves riding in the
car with us! He is crate
trained and getting closer to
being potty trained. He is a
little on the lean side - 2.8
lbs. His appetite is normal
and he is very healthy and
energetic. Thanks for
checking in!"
"LaLa is doing quite well in her new home! She plays with the yellow bear
you gave us every day, and sleeps between either my or Amanda's legs
every night. She doesn't discern between family and strangers and she
approaches everyone with her entire butt wagging, just eager to be
picked up or petted! She loves attention, but she doesn't bark to get it
(unless she has a potty emergency.) When it's dry, she "goes" outside
religiously, and when it's wet or winter, she uses the piddle pads. LaLa
also loves to travel! She stands up on the driver's lap in the convertible
and rests her chin on the window frame. She loves the motorcycle, too!
She knows how to put on her goggles and she stands by the bike
whenever I'm on it. When the bike's moving, she sits on my lap and
watches over the handlebars with the breeze in her face. She's even
learned how to lean into turns, so I feel incredibly comfortable taking
her everywhere! She's such a delight to have in our lives, and the kids
want me to add, "thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Jazz is doing great! We are really enjoying him. He is a happy/ energetic
dog, but has also recently started to snuggle more. The kids and I took a
session of puppy classes with him, he was the tiniest one there :)   Once
school started, Jazz has been in the kennel more during the day, but he does
great with it. I go home at lunch to let him out. One day last week at lunch I
forgot to close the kennel door after I told him to go in - so he was out on
his own in the house for about 5 hours, but he was such a good dog, I couldn't
find anything that he got into, and no messes! So, overall he is doing great!"
"Kobe is doing fantastic. He is so handsome and extremely smart. I
enrolled him in puppy class and he is doing great. He is eager to please
and will do just about anything for treat ;-) . He is healthy and at his
last check up he weighed 3.3 pounds. I think he has gotten a little
bigger since then though. He is an absolute bundle of joy and I couldn't
be happier. Full of kisses and loves attention. I have attached a recent
picture. He has his new fall sweater on! :) ha. Thanks for the email. I am
glad you are always a call/email away. By the way, those bully sticks are
"Daisy is doing very well! We love her like she's always been a
part of our family. We're working on the potty training &
sleeping through the night. I'd say we are a work in progress:)  
She is so sweet! Thank you!"
"Just wanted to let you know how extremely well Laci is doing. I
absolutely adore her. She is doing outstanding with potty papers.
She NEVER has an accident! I can't believe it. She even wakes
me up at night to let me know she has to go. She's so playful and
yet so cuddly and sweet. Can't tell you how much I am enjoying
" Chewy is amazing. He is such a nice little puppy.  It's
amazing how much joy something that small can bring to
our family. His personality is really easy going, likes to
play hard, but listens pretty well for a puppy.
Even the vet said based on the two appointments that
Chewy is a really easy going dog.
Potty training is going pretty well, he's a piddle pad dog...
You can take him outside for 45-mins and nothing. Bring
him back inside and put him by his pad and he goes.
He tolerates baths pretty well too. Loves a warmed up
blanket after his baths.
While we try to limit him sleeping with us because he's so
little, in the mornings we'll bring him in and he lays up by
our heads. He looks like a cheap wig.
All our friends love him.
He's brought us already much joy and love. He's awesome.
We'll keep you posted on how he progresses. Thanks so
much for providing us such a great little guy!!
"You will be happy to hear that "Cocho" (Channy) is adapting very
well! He ate last night and a little more than 1/2 of his daily
amount today. His vet appointment went great and everything
looks good. We LOVE him and are finding all kinds of adorable
nuances in his character. I love the page in the booklet about
everything being "mine". So True!
Anyway, thank you again for bringing this beautiful boy into our
"Lenny is adjusting really well! So far he goes to bed at about
10:00, and walks right into his kennel...the first night he cried
for about 20 seconds and then we didn't hear a peep out of him
again until the morning. Last night he went to bed at 10 without
even a wimper...he woke up at about 7:00 this morning! I am
crossing my fingers this keeps up!
Lenny loves to cuddle and definitely gets his spurts of
playfulness. The biggest issue has been who gets to hold Lenny
and cuddle him!
Thank you so much for everything you have done...I know Lenny's
adjustment was due to all the work you put into the puppies.
Lenny is such a great addition to our family!!"
"Want to let you know Paisley is adjusting very
well. She hasn't cried at all at night, she has a good
appetite, plus lots of playing and naps.
Thanks so much for her!"
Wally is doing wonderful! We changed
his collar to blue, but we still call him
Big Red sometimes ;) We don’t even
know what life was like before him.
He is so sweet and playful.
We heard his bark for the first time last night, it was so cute! He
met the other yorkies in my family and had a blast. He is eating
pretty well! A little more than 1/2 cup a day. The potty training is
going alright. He thinks outside is playtime and doesn’t always go
right away, but he is catching on. The vet visit was great too! They
said he is all healthy and of course, very cute. We can’t thank you
Gabby is making herself quite
comfortable at our home.  she is
sleeping thru the night fairly well and
learning about where to go potty.  She
had an excellent visit to the Vet.  He
is very impressed with her health, her
lack of fear and the food you have had
her on.  He was really excited that you
are doing such an amazing job.

She is showing little anxiousness when
meeting new people.  She did find a
worm outside in the grass and of
course had to roll in it.... We have
sliding glass doors in the kitchen and in
the bedroom.  At night she sees
another dog there (as well as in
mirrors) and tries to be protective.  
In the daytime, she is interested in
what happens out there.  I don't think
she has seen the rabbits,
I wanted to let you know that Gwen is doing wonderfully.  She ate food last night and
drank water.  We played for hours and cuddled.  She hasn't pooped on the potty pad
yet but we are working on that.  She had a few poops on the floor or on a rug, but we
just take her right to the potty pad afterwards.  I know we will get it right soon.  
She slept all through the night from 11:30-7.  She whined for about 10 minutes then
feel asleep.  She slept so soundly that I had to shine a flashlight in there every few
hours to make sure she was breathing. No accidents in the night.  She was so happy
when we woke up and she played and ran and played and ran and then we cuddled.  She
ate today as well.  She seems very happy.  She follows me everywhere I go and it is
awesome! We are so happy together and I love her dearly.  Thank you for giving me
this precious girl.  She is the best dog ever.  I have felt so much less pain last night
and today and I know it is because of her.  She fills my heart with so much joy.  I
promise to give her the best life I can.  
squirrels or turkeys which sometimes come to visit.
We are enjoying her immensely.  thank you for giving her such a positive start.  We
are very grateful.
Things are going great with Ralph, he has
adjusted well like he has always been part
of the family. He is very playful and yes
eating well. He has had a few accidents
here and there but for the most part he is doing well. I took him to
the Vet and they said that he is just perfect!  Louie & Lulu are doing
well with Ralph it is quite entertaining to watch the
m especially when
they think no one is watching!!
Thanks Again