Thank you for your interest in our dogs and
for taking the time to fill out our
How did you hear about my dogs? If internet, which site?

Why do you want a dog?

Have you owned a dog before?
If so, have you owned a Yorkie before?

If not, have you researched the breed?

Are there young children in your home? If so, what are
their ages?

Who will be the primary care giver?

Do you have any other animals? If so, what kind?

How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?

Where will the dog stay when the family is home?

Do you have a fenced yard? If not, what are your plans to
contain the dog while outdoors?

Are you able to maintain the dog's health with regular
veterinary checks and appropriate vaccinations?

Have you ever had to re-home or euthanize a family pet?
If so, what were the circumstances?

Are you interested in a male or female?

Are you interested in a specific Yorkie that we have
listed? If so, which one?

Is there a particular adult size that you are looking for?
If so, what size?

Is there a particular adult color that you are looking for?
If so, what color?

Does everyone in the home agree with having a new pet?

Are you prepared to make a 12 to 15 year commitment to
love and care for a dog?

You CAN buy happiness!
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instructions on where to send
completed form with deposit.