A Yorkshire's life span is 12 to 15 years. You are selecting a pet that will
be with your family for many years to come. It is not something to be
entered into lightly. A Yorkshire Terrier is  a toy breed and depends on
it's owner for it's every need. They are not outdoor pets - although they
thoroughly enjoy their excursions outside - they are INSIDE family
members. If you have any doubts about your ability to make the necessary
time and emotional commitment to your dog please
read this

Select the puppy you want. CONTACT us via e-mail to check availability
or to ask any questions.

When you have decided on a puppy a $250 non-refundable holding fee
must be placed to hold your puppy. We do not accept holding fees before

he puppy is 4 weeks old. Once your holding fee has been placed, puppy
choice is honored in the order we
receive the completed questionnaires.
(Holding fees will be refunded only in the event that something
detrimental happens to the puppy while in our care.)

The balance is due in full 15 business days prior to taking the puppy home
with you. (Unless paying cash at time of pick up)

Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash only.  Personal checks are
accepted for the holding fee. Personal checks will be accepted for the
only if received 15 business days before pick up and have cleared
our bank.

We will not release our puppies to their new home until they are 12 weeks
old so that they receive adequate socialization as well as the emotional and
temperament development that they acquire through their interactions
with siblings and dam.

Your puppy will come with:
a written health guarantee
AKC registration application
record of vaccinations
a puppy starter kit which includes your puppy's blanket,
your puppy's favorite toy and a small supply of food.

We ask that you please print a copy of our questionnaire, fill it out and
send it with your deposit.                            Or click            to complete and
submit the form on-line.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of puppies to anyone at our
discretion. We will not sell to pet stores, puppy mills or any commercial

These conditions are subject to change.

At times we have puppies/dogs available for our Foster Program. If you are interested please
email me for more information at  
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